The Waterfalls exhibition being held in Słodownia +1 at the Stary Browar is based on the highly ambiguous phenomenon of the waterfall – the force of its power evokes fear, but the aesthetics of its rushing cascades of water, the beauty of its form – attract. The main idea of the exhibition is to attempt to show the thin line between destruction and stability – the waterfall here symbolizes both persistence and change – qualities which today very often merge with or neutralise one another. As a symbol, the waterfall is highly ambiguous: it is the end of a certain stage, it is a falling (of water, literally), but it is a falling that yields relief – resulting in a calmer, quieter current.

The artists taking part in the Waterfalls project have taken their own, individual creative paths, and work in numerous different media and techniques. They belong to different generations, but they share a common feature – they seek that which is elusive, ambiguous, and hidden:Jan Berdyszak, Sławomir Brzoska, Diana Fiedler, Paulina Komorowska-Birger, Rafał Górczyński, Jarosław Klupś, Karolina Komasa, Agnieszka Mori, Krzysztof Balcerowiak, Bartlomiej Buśko, Małgorzata Kopczyńska, Małgorzata Szymankiewicz, Krzysztof Sołowiej, Acci Baba, Carsten Aschmann, Joop Witteven. Waterfalls Słodownia +1, Stary Browar 26 October-12 November 2012 Opening: 26 October 2012,sday – Sunday, 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.) Curators: Małgorzata Kopczyńska, Rafał Górczyński Organized by Faculty of Sculpture and Performing Art Organizational partner: Foundation of the University of Arts in Poznań